IURING Law firm

IURING law firm in Tallinn offers professional legal services mainly for companies. We offer not only legal advice but also financial and business consultations, in order to reach the best results.

Legal Services

Legal agreements

IURING Law Firm's lawyers help in the preparation of various contracts: sales contract, lease contract, agency agreement, employment contract, licensing agreement, franchise agreement, partnership agreement, loan agreement, transportation agreement, etc.

Legal aid and consultation

Legal consultation is possible on labor law, commercial law, law of obligations, property law, intellectual property law, bankruptcy law, family law, insurance law.

Labour disputes

IURING law firm lawyers provide legal aid in the area of labor law. We help to formulate requirements for the employment relationship with the other party and statements to the labor dispute committee.

Claims and representation at court

IURING law firm lawyers provide legal aid in civil court proceedings and help file lawsuits with the court.

Practice Areas

We help you with following areas:

Commercial Law

Advice on issues related to the activities and management of a company, drafting of necessary minutes and documents.

Labour Law

Advice on all issues of labour law (including employment contracts, rights and obligations of employees and employers, questions of occupational safety etc).

Law of Obligations

Drafting and analyzing various contracts under the law of obligations.

Property Law

Real estate transactions, issues related to ownership (including common ownership), real right contracts, mortgages.

Intellectual Property Law

Advice on issues of copyright and other questions related to protection of intellectual property.

Bankruptcy and Financial Rehabilitation

Drafting bankruptcy caution and bankruptcy declaration applications; advice on various issues of bankruptcy proceedings.

Financial Advice

Financial analysis, development and preparation of financial reports, financial advice (business plans, planning of cash flows etc.)

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Tiia Raudmägi

Tiia Raudmägi

Contracts, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Labor Law


  • Confidential and open work with customers
  • Commitment to settle disputes on the basis of mutual respect and
    understanding (incl. conciliation procedure)
  • Specific and clear wording of the offered solutions.

Why choose law firm IURING?

Experienced lawyers

Long-term experience in counselling different companies (including large-scale enterprises)

Flexibility and accuracy

Swift response to customers’ requests and strict adherence to deadlines.

Discounts for regular customers

We offer discounts for loyal customers.

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