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Jurist Tiia Raudmägi

Tiia Raudmägi

Lawyer, office manager

Contract law, law of obligation, business law, labour legislation

Contract law, law of obligation, labour legislation

Contract law, debt claims, court proceedings



  • Confidential and open work with customers
  • Commitment to settle disputes on the basis of mutual respect and
    understanding (incl. conciliation procedure)
  • Specific and clear wording of the offered solutions.


  • Long-term experience in counselling different companies (including
    large-scale enterprises)
  • Discounts for loyal customers
  • Swift response to customers’ requests and strict adherence to

Our goal is to offer our customers professional legal services – mostly in
the area of civil law. As many practical questions often appear intertwined, we
offer not only legal advice but also financial and business consultations, in
order to reach the best results.

Offered services include legal advice and preparation of legal documents
(including contracts, opinions, minutes etc), as well as representing customers
before any third parties and in conciliation procedure.

In addition to traditional service of representing one party to the dispute
we offer also conciliation services – still little known in Estonia, but widely
used in other European countries. In conciliation procedure counsellor is
acting as an impartial mediator and will help parties to reach a consensus.

Keeping in mind that court proceedings will inevitably take a lot of time, the
conciliation procedure is a good alternative for out-of-court settlement of
disputes, also helping to preserve good relationship between the parties

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